How do we keep up with the speed of change to address increasingly complex challenges?

 We pause and work differently. 

We help nonprofit, philanthropic, and local government organizations learn new skills to transform their work and communities.

 Learning and practicing simple, but transformative skills can drive how organizations address challenges and achieve more than expected results.  

What Our Customers Say

Pause for Change has been transformative for the City of Tucson. Not only did they facilitate our work on some very difficult projects, they offered us training and coaching to enable staff to take the lead in the future. Amelia and Heather are amazing and really understand how to connect with people and challenges to make impact where it counts. The program we developed with Pause for Change is driving innovation in our organization in a way we couldn't do before.

- Johanna Hernandez, Administrator, Office of Innovation & Strategy, Office of the City Manager, Tucson, Arizona 

What does it mean to pause?

The work we do in the social impact sector is 

highly uncertain and urgent. 

This uncertainty is increasing and accelerating with continuous shifts in our political, environmental, economic, technological, and social environments. The urgency can be acute, but when we move too quickly and 

focus heavily on “what” we need to do, 

we forget the why, who, and how of the work we do.

We pause to uncover perspectives, shift mindsets, and 

create new behaviors. 


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